About Workplace & School Yoga

Decades ago, even the idea of yoga in the workplace or in schools would have probably been laughed at.

But staff and pupil wellbeing is becoming more and more important for London’s biggest and best companies and schools – and yoga is very much part of that, alongside healthy eating and other practices like Pilates and Mindfulness.


Workplace Yoga with Seer Wellbeing

Workplace yoga can be held during lunch breaks or right after work.

Big, small and medium size organisations and schools are now increasingly becoming aware of the importance of their staff and students receiving wellbeing within the working and school day to support them.

In the workplace this has proven to reduce sick leave, stress and burnout syndrome and at school to assist students to focus and relax in order to study and release anxiety, particularly when prepping for tests and exams.

Since 2019 a third of my work has been in the workplace and School’s teaching Yoga, Mindfulness and Pilates at 8am, lunchtime and just after work and in Study time at schools thereafter I teach the teachers.  This assist and support employees and student wellbeing. Even with lockdown I am still teaching online in the workplace.


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