About Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga can provide huge physical and mental benefits during pregnancy.

As your baby grows and develops, your own body uses more energy and requires more strength.

Practising yoga during pregnancy can help increase mum and baby engagement, stamina and physical strength, while also improving balance and helping you to relax.


Pre-natal and Post-natal Yoga with Seer Wellbeing

Pregnancy can cause a huge strain on the body while your baby finds its new home.

As baby grows, the strain can intensify, but with the aid of yoga you can develop methods to manage those changes.

However, it’s important you listen to your body when considering pregnancy yoga and I do not recommend doing any form of exercise during your first trimester.

My classes in North London are designed to give you the maximum physical and mental benefits from the second trimester onwards – and after you’ve had your baby, too.

Classes can be easily adapted to work for you, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yoga practitioner.


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