About Mindfulness

We’re all capable of mindfulness, but our busy, bustling lives mean we often don’t take stock of what’s happening around us.

Essentially, that’s what mindfulness is – being more aware and paying more attention to both our own thoughts and feelings, as well as everything that’s going on around us in the here and now.

Practising mindfulness means reconnecting with our mind and body and all the senses we experience.

As you become more mindful, you’ll start to see each moment you experience more clearly, meaning you can start to understand yourself and the world around you with far more clarity.


Workplace mindfulness

Workplace mindfulness is becoming more and more important as many businesses transition from a manufacturing focus to a knowledge-based approach.

While manufacturing requires physical strength, a knowledge-based approach puts added pressure on the mind – and mindfulness can play a key part in allowing managers and teams to let go of past and future thoughts and focus on the present.


Mindfulness with Seer Wellbeing

To truly be more mindful, you need to learn the techniques that will enable you to call upon this calming state of mind when you need it.

I’ve been practising mindfulness for many years and my workshops can provide you with the tools and techniques you need to enjoy each and every moment of your life.


One-to-one mindfulness

I also offer one-to-one mindfulness across Highbury, Islington and North London. Email me to find out more!

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