I met Jaz at her Ironmonger row classes and I was so impressed by her teaching style, passion and knowledge of the body (anatomy) , that I organised some private 1-2-1 classes. I have advanced cancer and have been through the mill with difficult treatments like chemo, trial drugs and now radiotherapy. Yoga with Jaz once a week has become an anchor in a sea of uncertainty.   I am amazed at what I can do despite my illness, Jaz helps me realise I do have (some) control over my body and that I can always promote peace in my mind. The classes always help me to find energy I didn’t think I had, when fatigue is a major side effect. In 1-2-1 Jaz can address specific issues with how cancer affects my body and tailor make a practice suited to my needs Jaz is highly skilled, intuitive, totally professional and a pleasure to be taught by. I cannot recommend Jaz highly enough