About Children's Yoga

It would be easy to assume that yoga is only for adults – but you’d be wrong.

You’re never too young to reap the benefits yoga can bring and I’ve seen amazing physical and cognitive results in many of the children I’ve taught.

It’s not easy being a child in a world where ‘life’ is so digitally connected and the pressures that brings can be immense.

Yoga is a great way for children of all ages to manage stress, boost calmness and increase self-esteem.

It’s also fantastic for your child’s awareness while also helping to strengthen their bodies as they grow.


Children's Yoga with Seer Wellbeing

The secrets to great yoga classes for children are patience and fun.

Our North London classes for very young children are all about experimentation and learning the basics of yoga in a fun, childlike and friendly environment.

As children develop, they grow and relax through special emphasis on learning stretches and breathing techniques.

These practices can help when concentration is important, such as during an exam or when they’re in class.


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